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Hi I JUST bought a Daymak em1 and it's confusing me....my odometer keeps resetting?? Today driving home it was stalling ever 5 seconds??? But was running fine for an hour before that?? My battery indicator would go from 68v then when I turned my throttle it would go down to like 59-61 and stall?? I got home and my battery says it's 3/4 full on the app??? I have a funny feeling the electrical is messed up?? The dealership isn't returning my calls or emails.
I'd say you have a loose connection somewhere. Pull every connection apart and reconnect. If all those seem good, second guess is a bad controller. How hard did you run it for that hour? If you pulled a lot of long hard hills running at full speed, you may have cooked the controller. I just looked, that's not even a bicycle. You might be posting on the wrong forum, this is called the bike review, as in bicycles, not scooters.
I think u could be right...I hope I just bought it on the 19th and the dealership won't return my calls. So I'm gonna take the sides off and make sure everything is plugged in. Thanks.