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Hi ,i am having to replace my hall sensors and after examining my hub some of the plates are loose and one of them has prized away .can i superglue the loose ones and push the plates back or is this nothing to worry about,thx


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Superglue won't keep the soles on my shoes more than a hundred steps. I certainly wouldn't use that to glue metal whirring around at up to 500 rpm.
Super glue works very well on some applications but shoe soles are not one of them.
Superglue requires a very clean (use alcohol) non porous surfaces, no gaps and the glue on one side only.
A well superglued joint is very strong and durable. I have a butter dish that has been superglued that has been through the dishwasher for a couple of years and is just fine.
A lot of it is used on the assembly of new autos.