How Do You Carry Your Tools?

I hope you do not call it "a quality product" :) It is hard for me to imagine any part of my e-bikes failing because it rained :)
I'd go further and say that any bike that isn't at least minimally weatherproof is a joke and a waste of good money.
I'd go further and say that any bike that isn't at least minimally weatherproof is a joke and a waste of good money.

My ebike is weatherproof with its original throttle.

I added the thumb throttle and a KT controller/display to it to gain control of the power delivery.

The original Das-Kit Controller is fully potted in a cast aluminum box, and is completely waterproof. The KT controller is "weather resistant" but I don't trust it to be submerged.

I didn't want to spend over $100 on a throttle to experiment with, so I got a bunch of cheap ones to practice with.

My ebike has never seen rain but I'm sure it will be OK if it gets wet.

I am going to be taking my current throttle apart again to seal the computer chip inside with silicone to make it waterproof, and oil the return spring to prevent rust.

Apparently, the throttle only fails in a heavy downpour but starts working again after it dries out.
Jeeze, definitely some incredibly thoroughly prepared people here. Every non-mtb bike I own has a small pump (usually a topeak mini-morph) mounted under a bottle cage, and a small saddle bag with a multi-tool, spare tube, patch kit and chain link in it. If anything on the bike beyond that fails I have my cell phone to call for an emergency pickup. I can't remember the last time I needed to.

I still wear a hydration pack when riding mountainbikes, so I have a little more in that pack. Mountain morph pump, shock pump, a larger multi-tool (topeak Alien II), quick links, a tube, a small bottle of tire sealant and a small first aid kit. A spare derailleur hanger wouldn't be a bad thing to add, but honestly its been 15 years since I broke a hanger. Modern derailleurs are much more tucked in than old 8/9 speed stuff and I got pretty good at not banging it on things.
Props for the Shure microphone bag.

I remember Shure now!!!
(I smoked a Vado, and it came back to me.)

They made turntable cartridges back in the 80's,..


I remember telling my grade 13 Algebra teacher, back in 1982, that I bought a Grado,..
He was an audiophile too.


I didn't want to get the cheapest Grado for $30, so I spent $60 for the better one.
He said "Too bad, The cheapest one is better."

He said the entry level Grado cartridge was a just a manufacturing fluke and it had "No Resonance".
I should have bought the cheaper one!!

The only cartridge that was better was the top of the line Grado for about $1000.
He referred to it as "THE GRADO" !!!
I have a nice little tool kit in an old Specialized seat bag. They don't make it any more.
  • Topeak bike multi-tool
  • Gerber MP400 plier-based multi-tool
  • Park Tool patch kit
  • Spoke wrench
  • CO2 inflator
  • Small 1st aid kit
When I'm not on my road bike, I just take that whole bag off and throw it in the trunk bag of my eBike, and add a mini pump and the right inner tube to go with the eBike.

I probably should build an eBike tool kit, as it takes tools to get wheels off of eBikes.