Shimano battery

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Hi, i am Miša, from Belgrade, Serbia in Europe. I am riding Merida Shimano steps electric bike and i have problem with battery.
Shimano STEPS BT-E8010 504Wh Battery.

I removed the display for safety, but I didn't put it back for a couple of days, so its rechargeable battery was used up, so when I got back on the bike, I turned on the display via the main battery button. And then the display was replenished in that way via the main battery.
Before removing the display, it said I could travel 37 km in turbo mode. And now when I recharge the main battery, when it is charged, it still says 37 for turbo mode, but after a couple of hours it drops to 26 km by itself. And so every time, for days. Is somehow that rechargeable display battery constantly drawing current from the main battery if it is damaged. Or some cells on the main are damaged. In layman's terms.
I would understand if he topped up to 26km, but he always topped up to 37km and then dropped to 26km. I don't understand that. Is it a malfunction or just a mistake.

At the moment i dont have money for new battery. Can i fix something on this one? Or do i have to change display?
Pls help. Thank you.
Welcome. You might try leaving it on the charger every once in a while for a couple of hours after it shows that it is fully charged. See if that helps.