Hello from Sydney Australia.

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Hi all,
I just found this site last week and it looks good. Most electric bike sites seem to lead to retailers only. Many who are very biased. I recently lived on 10 acres 800 Km north of where I am now, down a 9km bumpy country lane. I had a car, and I also used a regular bike with very thin tyres (that were always punctured.) Now I have come to the city and I live near Sydney harbour. I have no parking space so I sold my car. I had already purchased an electric bike for about 5 thousand Australian dollars. I only use this bike, and it's changed my life . I was amazed at how many places I can go on bike tracks, and shared tracks , and parks. I have done 2600 Km in about 8 months. I ride a yellow Kalkoff step through with the active line plus motor. The majority of electric bikes on the road near me are Ubah and fast food delivery riders using a throttle only. I have 8 gears with the usual eco , tour , sport and turbo modes. It's been mainly flat so far. All the best.


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Welcome to EBR, nice bike! How do you find the strength of the Active Plus motor assistance when climbing hills?
Good question. The thing is as I am very new to electric bikes I more or less bought the first bike I liked with the active line plus. It was only afterwards I learned about the performance line and CX motors. I find it it very good climbing most hills. And some hills I can cruise up using turbo and changing even to 5th gear. But steep hills , very sharp hills even in first I feel I could do with more assistance. I mean I have to pedal more than I would like. So I am weighing up whether I should upgrade. But to do so would involve at least 2 thousand dollars. All in all I am pretty happy with the active line plus on hills.