Hello from Newcastle Australia.

J Sams

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Hi everyone, Obviously I'm new to the group. The reason for joining is I am having problems with my NCM Aspin. I had a reasonable crash on it a while back and it was working for a while then after about 2 weeks as I was riding along the display/battery would just stop working. I checked all the cables were clean and connected and it continued to do the same thing. I have recharged the battery and it displays as fully charged both on the charger and when connected to the bike. I do not have an NCM dealer near me and no one else would look at it because it is not a brand that they stock. I found an electrical engineer who had a look at the battery. I said that there were a few damaged cells in it so he replaced the battery. I brought it home and connected it to the bike with the same result. Shows it's fully charged, works for about 5 -10 minutes then stops. Does anyone have any advice on what I should look at to fix this issue??

Thanks in advance,

Jamie S