Giro-E, or The European Road E-Bike Race

Stefan Mikes

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Mazovia, Poland
My attention has been recently drawn by a friend to Giro-E, the European road e-bike race. I could not understand how e-bikers could compete on fair terms but after reading the Rules, it has become understandable. The most important Rules are:
  1. A staged team road e-race following the Giro d'Italia route
  2. Only road and gravel e-bikes are admitted
  3. The e-bike must be a certified Euro e-bike with 25 km/h speed restriction, 250 W motor max. No hampering with the speed restriction or motor power (mechanical, electronic or software) is allowed
  4. The Team is Captain and up to 5 team members
  5. Each Team is allowed a Support And Gear car
  6. Replacing the main battery or Range Extenders is allowed at any time
  7. Several types of races, including races limited to specific cities
  8. Neophyte, Beginner, Intermediate and Expert classification
  9. Anything carried with the rider must be attached either to the e-bike or to the helmet. Nothing like smartphone in your jersey pocket!
As you can understand, getting your, say, Creo into Turbo mode will not help you win the stage. Not only you would need to pedal unassisted past 25 km/h but also stopping to replace a Range Extender (or the main battery when applicable) would make the peloton disappear at the distance. As I can understand, the riders only use the motor to accelerate to 25 km/h, climb or counter strong headwind.

I know there are more e-bike races, e.g., in the e-MTB world. Any other e-bike races you have heard of and want to share?