Help diagnose Jetson bolt charging failure


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My son has a Jetson bolt that he rides to school. It won’t charge and I am trying to determine the cause. He rode it every day last week and it charged fine until last night. The light on the charger stays green at all times and I don’t see the normal voltage change on the bike when I plug the charger in.

Here are some tests I have run:
Charger: I don’t see voltage coming out of the charger. I’m not sure if this is because my meter isn’t sensitive enough or if the charger needs to see voltage from the battery before it will start charging.

Battery: The battery has terminals for power and the charging port. I am reading 32.4 volts for the main power, but there is no voltage coming from the charging port wires. Based on research I have done, I think they should have power.

I’m not sure how many cycles the battery has had. He has been riding it to school for almost a year now. Until today, it has worked well. So maybe 25 cycles..?

Hoping to get some advice so I don’t order an unnecessary charger, battery, etc.
Where are you located ? Maybe try another charger if you can find another local person…
If your meter can read the 32.4V on the battery, then it should read the 42.0V normally put out by a 36V charger with nothing connected to it..
Normal voltage on a 36V battery is 42,0 volts at maximum charge, but this usually dissipates to 41.X volts within a minute or two after the charger id disconnected. The battery will internally shut off below 30V and you don't read anything until it is recharged higher, and the ebike will shut off around 32V before that can happen,
Most batteries will show the same voltage on the charger input as the output, but a few do not. This will depend on the battery monitor system (BMS) circuit. There are also chargers that won't show a voltage til there is a load detected, but I don't expect this level of complexity on a Jetson battery. I've owned almost a dozen chargers and never seen one that did that.
Try a second meter to verify the voltages. Then a charger is like $20 on amazon.