Help choosing first e-bike @$2,500


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Started biking again, two years ago, at age 72. Statins have weaked my legs, so I'm pretty much
confined to flat roads. I mainly ride bike paths & gravel trails.
My bike is a trek Dual Sport, which works fine. E-bikes look like the
answer to my weak leg issue. They will help me last longer and conquer hills.

So far, I've tested a Trek mx-700, but found the ride too uncomfortable.
I also took out a Trek DS e-bike, which felt a lot like the Dual Sport. I haven't seen any reviews on it, but the components must be like the Conduit. It seems to handle the ride that I'm after--but I'm wondering if there are any other e-bikes, in the same price range, that I ought to be checking out?
I'm 5'11" and 175 lbs.

Haibike sduro hard seven SM has a torquey Yamaha motor. Izip E3 dash or Raleigh Route IE use the transX motor. The 2017 Focus Jafira 29 ($2800) uses the Bosch Performance Line CX motor. The Prodecotech Phantom mid-drive isn't on sale yet but will have the new Bafang Max motor, it would be worth waiting to test ride the Phantom if you're prepared to wait and spend a bit more ($3k). Treks use the Shimano Steps motor which provides less torque but more range. Try different motors to find what works for you.
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