Hello from Vancouver Island!


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New Stealth Bomber owner here...so new, in fact, I haven't even ridden it yet!

Just bought a used 2014, #490. Bought it not running, presently dealing with repair or replacement of controller before I can ride it.

I will not be using it to commute since I work from home, and at least 1/3 of the year it is raining here, which I understand the Bomber does not like.

I will however, be exploring over time ways to waterproof this beast so it is unaffected by puddles, gettgin caught in the rain, etc - wish me luck!

Are there any other Stealth Bomber riders here on the island, or elsewhere in BC? I haven't found any yet...


Welcome! Everyone is concerned about water to some degree. Keep us informed if you find a good solution!
Welcome to the Forum! The Bomber is a beast! We used to offer it in our shop, but they pulled their North American distributor and we became concerned about liability and other issues.

It's definitely fun though. There are some Bomber owners if you search around. There are also some threads on Endless Sphere with a bunch of Bomber owners.