Hello from the Isle of Wight


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Best decision I ever made. Rain ... so what, any excuse for a ride these days. 10 minutes to the top from my house in the town below. Used to be a 10 minute ride to the bottom of the climb, then a 15 minute slog to the top. You should see it when the sun is out.

@Ariche, if that picture is of a sloggy day, can't wait to see what it's like on a sunny day! Thanks for sharing and welcome to EBR :). If the hills where you live are as steep as the one in the corner of your picture, an ebike would be a must. Looking forward to hearing more about your rides (and of course...don't forget the pics)
Welcome to you @Ariche from another rider in Canada. I had to lookup your beautiful area on Google Maps.

Must be a great place to ride an E-bike.

Best regards.