Hello from Hutchinson Island FL


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Hey there, I’m Nancy. I wanted an ebike after I retired to go out west and Ride The Rockies.
I did some research and bought a Specialized Creo E road bike. Great bike. Then my wife wanted a Specialized Como as a get around east on and off comfy ebike. So we bought one of those. I thought the Como looked a little non real biker to me. Well after I rode hers for a while BOOM I was back at the shop buying myself a Como. So now we have three. She still works and I would love to find a riding group around N Hutchinson Island. So far no luck. Can’t say enough about the bikes. We have a Kuat 2.0 to haul them around and I just picked up the ramp for the bike rack to help me load them. I believe there will be a learning curve there. Thanks for the forum. I have learned a lot. I did post a tip for synching Mission Control. Long story short my Como stopped syncing and after hours of research I found the computer on the bike needed its battery changed. Not the engine battery, the speed computer. Have fun, use lights and be safe! Bike 🚴 🚲🚲