Having problems with power loss on my Aventon Pace 500 (2020 model)

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While riding in PAS, the power will drop unexpectedly to more than 50%. No error code. Battery fully charged. Battery does not shut off. Screen is still lit. I disconnected both brake sensors and the loss still occurs. I found that if I turn the screen off then back on, the power is restored. Anyone else experience this?
Power loss? Are you sure? Does it slow down? I suspect it is the meter you are looking at that drops, and no power loss occurs!??
Definite power loss. Slows down significantly while using throttle or PAS. Meter on screen does not show loss.
I have not experienced what you describe with my Aventon Pace 500. The only odd power issue I have felt is actually the other way. When I am pedaling using PAS and stop pedaling and coast I feel a little "surge" or push or jolt. It doesn't happen often but definitely happens once per week and I've just gotten used to it.
I have the same problem of power dropping to low mid-ride. If I turn off the display and back on again, it goes back to normal function, but in a typical 10-mile ride it's pretty annoying to have to keep resetting 3 or 4 times like this. I took it to the bike shop and they replaced controller, display, and motor, but no change to the behavior. I'm talking with Aventon support now and they recommend replacing the controller again. Anyone else find a solution to this one?
If you have a spare battery or can borrow a compatible one i would try that. I think it might be a BMS issue. Double check all your connections as well.
I bought a second battery last summer when Aventon had a sale. On Feb 24th, using the second battery, the power went down after 18 miles but with turning it off and on, the power was restored. Today 3/2/24 I used my original battery and experienced what happened with my newer one just a week ago. Started with a full charge on both and they recharged normally. Previously turning the battery off for a few seconds resolved the issue but today, the first time reset gave me 10 miles, the second time it was back to power for only 1 mile or so and the third time no power so I had to pedal with no pedal assist, no throttle. Happy was only 3 blocks from home. Pace 500.2 2022 Odometer 3,572. Power failed close to 16 miles each time but not every time. Rides were 27 miles and 30 miles this year.
I have been working with Aventon support on this issue, and the rep advised me to look at the pins inside the lock assembly terminal (that is, the part on the bike where the battery clicks in at the top. In inspecting this, I noticed that one pin was discolored and had what appeared to be melted and rehardened metal at the bottom of that pin. They're going to send me a replacement and hopefully that will resolve the issue. In the meantime, I did my best to clean up that pin with a small screwdriver to see if that helps.
I would if it was me...find a friend with a big battery and try it. I suspect you are exceeding the continuous flow rate. If your controller will allow 25A but your continuous flow rating on your battery is 20A you will bonk (tap out) when your BMS says enough. The battery will re balance in short order but will continue to tap out again and again , sooner and sooner, as it reads battery temp. Your individual cells might also have pcb limiters that prevent over discharge. All individual cells have a max discharge rate ranging from 8A-35A. Exceeding this will cause a shutdown of a string. A 13AH batt will have 5 strings a 20AH will have 7 assuming you have a 48-52v system. You may not have every string shut down at the same time and hit a half power feeling. This happened to me frequently when I had a smaller battery and I wanted to put the hammer down. If you know somebody who can wire the right leads on so you can try a bigger battery ...your in business , provided you don't exceed the max the controller can handle. My son the scientist and computer engineer played with his controller and allowed a higher flow rate than his controller could handle and burned up a controller. $50 and a week later the bike was running like a clock with a new controller.