Problems with Fucare Gemini


New Member
I purchased my Fucare Gemeni about 3 Month ago trough Amazon. So far I put about 1300 Km on it and can say I love this eBike.

However about 10 Days ago an electronic problem showed up. I Contacted the Seller and also Amazon. Amazon says I have to deal directly with the Seller which I did but don't get any help from them. Here is the Problem.

At random before riding and/or during the ride I get an ERROR MESSAGE 25 on the Screen then the power assist stops working. My Batteries are allwais fully charged before I get on a Ride which is usually between 25 to 50 Km more often then not on paved Bike Paths.

When I get the Error message I stop, turn the Computer and Batterie off then after 20 seconds on again. If the Error message is gone I set Level 2 or 3 and start riding. If the Error message comes back on (while I am still rolling) I wiggle the Wire coming out of the left Handle Bar and that does sometimes the trick and the Error message disappears and pedal assists Kicks in again.

I hate to bring it to a Bike shop not knowing how good (or Bad) there likely underpaid Mechanics are.

Any suggestions - Thanks