eBike Hub Drive developed without warning a bad sound.


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Today I went out wanting to go (like the last 5 Days) on my regular circuit, about 25km hardpacked Gravel Road followed by another 27 KM pavement to get home.
Well I went only about 9 km. stopped and when I started again this never heard before irritating Noise (like teeth missing a Sprocket) started coming from the Hub drive Motor. Needless to say I immediately turned around and nursed the Bike Back home. I am usually on Power assist level 2 and always pedaling and using whatever Gear seems to fit the Grade. Once I get up to Speed the Noise seems to go away..

What could that be, how can it be fixed.

2 Days ago I gave the Bike a good wash with cold water and a Brush because it was very Dusty. I also oiled the Chain. I always make sure both Batteries are fully charged well before I go for a ride. The eBike is a Fucare Gemini which I purchased new last Spring. During last Summer and this Spring I put about 2300 Km on it and so far been happy with this Bike but there Customer service sucks or should I say is nonexistent.

Presently and for the next little while I am in an area of Canada where eBikes are as rare as Panda Bears in New Zealand.

Thanks in advance for your comment and advise. --- UC
Well I managed to get in touch with Fucare Customer Service. Was a bit complicated for me until I understood I had to do this via Amazon. They wanted a Video Clip of the Wheel (Hubdrive) in question. No problem getting that but uploading it to them was all new to me and a bit of a Nightmare because it had to be done via Google Drive meaning signing up for a new account and many different steps until they had my Video. However the Fucare Guys guided me patiently through it and now they have the Video and I am hoping they find a solution. Warranty on this Bike runs out end of this month so in hindsight this was lucky timing. I update soon as I have more. Thanks - UC
Here we are. My Fucare Gemini is back in full operation after I installed yesterday a new Motor and then went on a 12.3 Km Test-drive, all good - happy eBiker again.
Well to say it right upfront, the Fucare Customer service Team went above and beyond to make me happy. After Fucare had my Video the informed me they would send a new Motor. While in Bed I got a bit worried thinking I would have a new motor but then would have to hire a Bike Shop to deinstall the old Motor Hub then reinstall everything including the Spokes which I would guess is no easy task therefore not cheap. So in the morning I emailed Fucare what it would cost to have a new Rim sent with the Spokes installed. Two days later my Wife informed me that a large Parcel had arrived at our Residence in Victoria. I returned from up north past Monday night that is when I found out Fucare in fact had sent a new Rim with Motor installed without charging me anything. Whow ! Yesterday was another Sunny day in Victoria so I managed to installed a new Tube & Tire (which I had purchased as spares last year) onto the new Rim, installed it into the Bike and went for a short Test-drive over to Clover Point.

Fucare you Rock - thank you
The Urbancowboy is riding again !