Happy wife, Happy Life!

but I did realise before buying that with new tech comes a risk that I was prepared to accept
I was prepared to accept it for this pair of bikes until my wife’s came broken. In my head, it was going to be no worse than my first vado. Once it started effecting our family rides (meaning we couldn’t go on them because a bike is in the shop), my wife asked for a normal bike for that single purpose. Hence a roll 3.0 and a sirrus X. Arguably the two closest regular bikes to a como and a vado that I could get relatively quickly.

In hindsight it is genius: A bike is in the shop so I have to own a second specialized bike to keep riding. ;) Retail Genius.

Anyway, there is still a small possibility I will get a specialized e-bike this summer. Depends on a lot of things that are outside my control.