Groundbreaking Trike?

The only thing 'groundbreaking' about anything this shameless pimp does will be if one of his ill-advised changes to his ill-designed tricycle cause him to land head first onto the ground. In which case, his cement head will be the groundbreaker.

Sorry I said "don't feed the troll" and it was good advice. Couldn't resist when it was tee'd up like that.
[sooner or later you have to pay the troll] in Iceland they wont move certain boulders as to not disturb the resident troll.
...still looking for a sub $3K (standard or reverse) trike alternative to the Soleetri/Herotri's (groundbreaking) minibike style seating with dual rear and single front suspension, 20Ah (minimum) battery; 20x4 tires, fantastic GVWR and an easily modifiable frame. If Addmotor can up the power a bit as was done recently with their other trike models while moving the motor back to where it should be with that improved differential...who else in the market will have anything remotely resembling this trike?
I thought this super trike was already released and you ordered one. Did you order it and what are your real world findings? Though I'm not in the market for a trike in any sense I still like owners real world reviews, good and bad.
Don't you just hate it when the admins have to come in and clean up (repeatedly) the mess of words you created and helped create? I figure your Dash like patriotic ways would get bent out of shape for being censored. Also, if we all just agreed with you, would you go away?
No censoring here that I am aware of (or even care to keep track of)...yet anyone who has followed along here (how many replies/views do we have here to date as compared with..?) has been blessed with straight forward, unfiltered opinions (thank you mods) not swayed by those (apparently) deathly afraid of swinging a leg over anything on 3 wheels to begin with.
Addmotor will either stop with what they have accomplished to date (again, groundbreaking stuff) or likewise improve on their two most interesting and easily modifiable designs: the Soletri and Herotri.
It wouldn't surprise me if any of their trike models were discontinued given the world economy and China's currently...yet let's hope that they give their two-up seat trikes a refresh before they make any other (necessary?) financial moves.
Still loving my Soletri and all it has had to offer both today and hopefully as my 2nd future trike.
Honestly I am glad that you find your etrike perfect for you, and if it wasn't your brazen shots at anyone that had the slightest concern to point out, you could have been a good thing for the company. But your slams at the slightest concern and your direct attacks, after asking for opinions, are and have been the issue. We all actually want to see the ebike/etrike sector to survive. What the actual issue is your messages and attacking ANYONE that has had a different, well pointed out observation that is different from yours. I hope you can find support for your ground breaking run of the mill etrike you have in the future and customize it to your hearts content.