Groceries and bike security


OK, my plan is to ride my radmini to the local grocery to pick up some stuff. I bought a bike lock to keep the bike from "wandering off" after folding it-although it isn't long enough to lock it to something else, so I probably have to get a long cable to do that (more stuff to carry). BUT, I actually am wondering about what to do with my helmet and/or toolkit. ON my motorcycle, they fit inside lockable compartments, but bikes don't have those. Looking for "neat tricks" from you folks who have been riding to stores through the years.
I usually wear my helmet inside with me. Not sure how you have your toolkit stored. I use a storage bottle in my water bottle holder. Never had anyone mess with it. Then again there's not much worth stealing if you ask me. I've seen a number of people at bike racks lock their helmet with a cable attached to a U-Lock through one of the helmet vents.

You can find lockable trunk boxes, but these are minimal security devices.
If you have any kind of zippered luggage on your bike you could buy a small padalock or use a cable tie to hold the zippers together if you have two on one track. The only bad thing is that someone could press a pen into the zipper track to open it and take your stuff and zip over it to shut it again. I haven't had an issue in three years of riding here in Arlington, VA. But this is a very bike friendly community and a high cost-of-living area. Your area may be different. You could buy a small cable lock to hold your helmet to you r bike. Just run the cable through the A-frame of the strap. That would keep honest people honest. I think the best security is out of sight, out of mind. I don't run locks on my Topeak bag w/ panniers, but i do keep all my stuff zipped up in them and not showing. My helmet and all my tools/supplies fits in my bag. I'll even put the rain cover on to deter thieves, by adding a second step in the theft process. The more time a bad guy has to take to get your stuff, the less likely he is to do it in the first place.
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I have the Lockstrap 901 helmet combo lock for my bike helmet,$15, Amazon. It is 2 feet long and has a 3mm cable in the center and it can be a lightweight addition to existing cable and u-bolt you already have. I think it is important to have layers of security so there isn't a single point of failure.

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I have been taking my bike right inside with me. So far no one has given me issues. Load the groceries into my bike bags. It really isn't any bigger than a cart.

This is exactly what I do. I have grocery panniers and I just fill them up as I walk through the store. I a!so have a center kick-stand that allows for stable loading and unloading operations. Nobody has ever hassled me in the stores I have visited. All comments have been positive with many follow-up questions about my bike and gear. It really is just a shopping cart with two wheels.
Chain a hungry Rottweiler or Pit Bull to your bike
I guarantee both the bike and dog will be there when you have returned from your shopping