Garmin Edge 520 Plus problems


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Lancaster, PA
I have a Garmin Edge 520 Plus that I got used and it worked great when I got it, nearly 2 years ago. It's from Europe so it's map base is Europe. I was able to download a map pack on it and that works fine. About 3 months ago, it stopped getting a GPS lock. I do not know if this happened after an update or not. I've gone through all the steps I could find, doing a factory reset and letting it sit outside so it can build the almanac, but so far no luck. It's been sitting outside all day with a clear view of the sky, plugged into a big battery pack so it would stay running and no luck, no lock.

Any one else have the same problem or have any suggestions.
I don't know about the Edge but some Garmin handhelds need a good internal battery to operate correctly. They can fail to boot on external power alone. Does the internal battery hold a charge? An external DC power source should charge the battery but you could try leaving it connected to an AC power adapter overnight to be sure.

It could also be a firmware issue. You can go to on your PC and download a program called Garmin Express. Connect your Edge to the PC via a USB cable and Garmin Express should recognize it. The program will allow you to update to the latest firmware.
It has the most recent firmware on it, I already use Garmin Express for it and all my other Garmin units Battery holds a charge, plus it was plugged into a solar recharging USB battery pack all day outside. Everything functions on it, except for getting the GPS lock.
Try calling Garmin's tech support number on their website. I don't think they asked for warranty or a serial number last time I called them. IMO sometimes their people are more helpful than others, but you might get lucky.

Apparently, it's not a new issue:

Not sure if this Garmin fix for the Edge 500 will work on the 520 but worth a try:

I had a Magellan a few years ago that I purchased because it touted “lifetime updates”. Apparently their legal team define lifetime updates as 3 years.