Fs rx for second ebike


is this a good ebike for mountain biking. Are the higher end haibikes worth double the price. I have the st2 for street riding
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If so, Haibikes are great for off roading :)

You have an excellent combination of bikes ST2 for street, Haibike for off road.

Unless you're going to do big drops, higher end models with FOX shocks are not required. For 90% trail usage, FS RX should be plenty.
It just happens I have an FS RX as a second bike with a second battery as well. It's a bit heavy for very technical MTBing but otherwise excels on the road and off if you can live with the sub 20 mph. You cannot really go wrong with this bike if you are comfortable with the spend.
It's a wonderful bike. I've put street tires on mine because we have 70+ miles of paved bike trails, but I still can't help being off the trail as much as possible.
My ST1 is much faster, but I keep riding the Haibike more. The suspension just makes it so nice, even on road it's a big difference. It's is a Fox shock too.
You'll love it.