Found a way to work around the Speed limiter . Anyone know if this can damage my motor or battery?

If you have the magnet on the crank and you have any problems giant will know and void your warranty I know because I have a fastroad e bike cost $1600 too replace my motor but I was only going 10km when the motor broke the pinion gear.I have derestricted this one too as it's so annoying to have it cut out at 25km then it's like dragging a car behind you.Why should I be restricted to 25km when people on normal bikes can go as fast as they want it's bullshit cars 110km motorbikes 110km I'll be taking it easier though.Get people on e bikes derestrict them even if it's to 40km give us a break
Well said exactly.
Was it easy to install? Did you have to pull the motor out?
I've have a vol speed on my Bosch ebike simply to get it on the flats speed simply to ride it at the same speed I can on my acoustic in a group pack ride.
No 504 errors it has worked really well. Customer support is lacking but still worth it.
Directions for installing these are on YouTube. Not hard if you have just moderate skill. You will have to take wiring cover off on either model.
I have had my fastroad e plus2 2020 derestricted for 2 years by shifting the magnet with no problem but the dealer will definitely know.P S giant stores are independently owned so if you get your bike worked on and then go to another dealership they have no idea what's been done I had a bad experience with the dealership in the city (sydney) terrible service took it to another giant dealership and they were fantastic