Folding Rear Bike Baskets


I am looking into getting folding rear bike baskets that would be permanently attached to my bike. I would like them to fold flat reducing the overall width so as not to hinder mounting the bikes on my Saris bike carrier. What is popular and works?
Check out Axiom Hunter DLX Grocery Bag Twin Bike Panniers Plus Bike Rack complete system on eBay!
@Alaskan, Thanks for the recommendation. I am considering Panniers.
I used wald baskets for a while. Light and strong enough for a 6 pack of bottled beer, 2 pounds of bacon and then some.

The top latch can be a real bear. But you get used to a technique after a while.
I used to have the Wald style folding baskets and they were OK but have gotten expensive.

Does anyone have experience with this less expensive style folding basket type?

The second style costs half the first
I got one of the Wald baskets. It is sturdy and works well. The pair of wald baskets I had years ago were so good I loaded them with concrete chunks from a patio slab I demolished. I carried them to a site across town in a dozen trips. The spokes on the back wheel began breaking one every few weeks after the job was finished until I got rid of that bike. The baskets outlasted the bike.
I still have the twin rear steel basket I bought at Monkey Wards in 1975. It has to be a Wald, it didn't have a tag that said "made in somewhere else". It is on my backup bike out at the summer property. The bike I keep to get home in case something fails on my cargo bike and I push it out there.
I really wish I found Wald baskets in 1961. I asked my parents for "saddlebags" for my bike for Christmas, since I carried 6 books to/from the county library weekly. My only reference for packing was cowboy movies, and pony express. The parents bought a pair of beautiful leather tooled bags. Unfortunately the backs were thin cardboard, and ripped off the first trip. There weren't even good backpacks available in 1961; the Boy Scouts version at Sears & Foley Bros. was totally unsuitable for carrying books. I think it was $60, more than I earned in an entire summer portering at the boat shop. There were newsboy canvas bags for newspapers, which were huge, 20" x 20" wood frame on each side, and incredibly heavy. I didn't have enough frame on my bike to carry one of those. I only weighed 75 lb. You could only buy the newspaper bins from the newspaper distributor, anyway, they weren't stocked in stores.
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I use a shipping tote as a rear basket. I can lock the lids to keep my gear safe. I did have to lengthen my rear rack. To lenghten the rack I used a 2x4.