FOLDING BIKE decision for 5'2" woman


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I've returned to finding a bike, and many thanks for all the previous replies to my last thread. I can test drive a Motiv Stash locally;

and see that the Ejoe Epik-SE is a similar price, but not available locally.

EBR's reviews of both were complimentary, and they seem a similar weight and layout.
Does anyone have experience of both, or either? I prefer the look of the eJoe (not just a black option) but am cautious of an online purchase without a test drive.

Many thanks for any advice.

No experience with either but for 2017 the epik-se comes with a 13ah battery vs the 9ah battery of the Stash. You'll go at least 1/3 further distance on one charge on the e-Joe. It also comes with fenders, lights, and a rear rack, which cost $200 extra on the Stash. That being said one commenter on Court's review of the e-Joe complained about difficulty removing and re-installing the rear wheel due to keyed washers that need to go in a certain direction for the wheel to fit in the frame, and the inner tubes needing extra long stems to clear an extra plastic piece on the wheel and the difficulty finding 20" tubes with long stems, and two commenters complained about losing their rear light. The local dealer test ride/support would sway it for me towards the Stash.
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I think you should check out the Rad Power Mini. The price is comparable. It has more power. The fat tires are a blast. It is also heavier if that is a concern.

I have a 110 trouble free miles on mine. Check out the comments from owners.
We've sold a ton of the SmartMotion Vista. Superb folding bike, well built. Bike also come with a throttle. You can check out the detail on the SmartMotion website or our website at (Link Removed - No Longer Exists). Sells for $1400.
I bought the Stash and have been using it to commute 14 miles round trip daily. I have not ran the battery dead but know I am able to go min 21-25 miles using assist 5 and adjusting the setting to allow for 20mph top speed. My route is mostly flat so I do not use any extra battery power on hills. The Stash has great start up quickness allowing me to start quickly and get out of the way of vehicles when stopped at traffic lights or stop signs. The Stash feels very rugged and stable while going over bumps or even hoping off curbs to get off a trail and into the bike lane.


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