Hi, Newby From la Mesa, Ca. Looking for local San Diego "Lectric" bike owners


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Hi Folks,
I'm a eBike owner and builder for the last 5 years. I've concentrated on the old school Currie Technologies eZip, iZip and Schwinn 750-900-1000W Brushed Motor, full suspension electric scooters built from around 2005-2012.
I've bought around 20 of them in that time, and repaired/restored and sold about 15, which has financed the builds of the 4 eBikes I now have. I've converted them to Li-ion and upgraded the chassis, suspension and ergonomics (ie handlebar-seat) to fit my style and usage.
What little profit from the bikes I've sold has been turned over into buying and upgrading the Currie's I now have, so they are all paid for.

As an FYI; I've ridden motorcycles all my life and am celebrating 50 years on 2 wheels right now. I have approx 1/2 million street and 8000 road race track miles under my (ever expanding) belt, and have also been a Lead Tech/Service Writer/Service Manager and Technical Editor in both auto and motorcycle industries. I sold all my ICE bikes about 6-7 years ago and now am concentrating on learning Li-ion technology and having fun building & modifying these little eBikes.

My first one is a 1000W Gear Drive "eZip" I call "Blue Bling". It's overvolted to 60V (66-67V charged) and will go 23-24mph. It has about 2000 mi (done 7-10 mi at a time) over the last 5 years. All it's ever needed was 3 sets of tires.
I'm a heavy rider (200+lbs) so it's not a fast as you lighter riders would be on it. Being a Gear Drive, I also can't do anything but overvolt it to go faster. It's range is about 20+ mi.
I change all of my bikes to be similar with the same MTN bike handlebar, levers, grips, speed controller, digital throttle, seat, baskets etc.

Being a disabled senior, I use them as my transportation all around my little city of la Mesa (next to/East of San Diego), Lemon Grove and El Cajon. I also use them as a Mobility Scooter to go into the stores to do my shopping (as per the ADA Law).
With today's gouging fuel prices ($6.50/gal at the local Chevron today), I barely drive my SUV and simply rotate through the fleet if I have to go farther than 20 mi. I can go over 80 mi in a day without buying gas!!!

The other eBikes I have are all chain drive, so I can change the sprockets/gear ratios for much better speed. The next bike is a Dark Green & Chrome 750W (Now 900W) Schwinn S750 aka my "TESLA". It will go 31-33mph and also has a 20mi range.
Another eBike I've built is a iZip, 1000W full suspension I call "Silver Streek". 28mph and 20 mi range.
Finally is the latest bike; a (Pristine) Red Schwinn S600 (now 750W). Slightly overgeared so it runs low 20's but I got screwed with a China battery advertised as 60V 20ah. It has 60V but only about 5-6ah., so it's range is pitiful at the moment. I'm right now in the process of building another 16S2P pack to run in parrallel, so at least both packs will give it a modest bit of range and hill climbing ability. Being slightly smaller/lighter, it does accelerate the best of the bunch so I call it "Red Rocket".
I'll attach photos so you can see the "Fleet".
So, the reason I've joined and am writing is to find any people here locally who have bought the Lectric XP 2.0.
I'm considering it but as a BK amputee (missing my lower R leg) I'm concerned about how well I could pedal it and how the power has to come on when it's in the pedal mode. I'd also like to see one inperson to se if it would fit me and be a good/better eBike for my needs that the ones I have now.
If any locals would contact me, I'd be greatful for your input.
Thanks for your time.
Richard "Boots" Langley
La Mesa, Ca
Largek92@gmail. com
PS; for any local who might want one of my Currie's, I have a Black 1000W 48V (lead acid) Stealth Gear Drive right now for sale on craigslist; Tell me you saw it here and I'll cut you some slack on the price;


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We bought two of the XP 2.0 step-thrus just before Christmas and love them. Amazing quality considering the price ($1K!)

You have extensive experience with bikes of all sorts, I rode street and mountain bikes 30 years ago and rode a turbo'ed Honda 550 bike in LA for a decade before it was stolen (@ 75K miles).

What I really like about the Lectric is that it has a really nice twist throttle AND CRUISE CONTROL! You set the speed, then hold down the (-) button for one second, and the bike holds the speed uphill or down.

We're up in Portland but there have to be a lot of folks with these Lectrics down your way, too.
Hi Big D,
thanks for your reply and recommendation. I was a Honda Service Manager and also rode the CX500 and 6CX50 Turbo's. I wasn't particularly fond of the non turbo CX's but the Turbo's were great bikes ahead of their time.
Hope you and yours stays healthy and ride safe.
I'd like some of you local SD Lectric owners to chime in as well.
Boots Langley
La Mesa, Ca
Hi Rome,
good advise. You are preaching to the choir!! I agree completely.
The Currie eBikes I've built would cost about $1200-1500 to duplicate, if you could find one of these rare eBikes. I've also got approx 15-20 hours into creating the dozen+ li-ion battery packs and doing the different upgrades and changes to each of them.

eBike speed; My Blue 1000W eZip & Red Schwinn S600 will exceed the Class 2 speed (20mph) by 3-4 mph and my Silver iZip and Green/Chrome Schwinn 750/900 will equal or exceed the Class 3 28mph speed limit. All useful when in the type of city traffic I deal with here in San Diego/La Mesa area.
Since I wrote the initial post, I've built a 2nd 60V 6AH li-ion pack for my Red Schwinn S600 (now a 750W) and it will now run 24mph and has a 10-12 mi range.

If you want an electric bike/motorcycle that is fast (over 100mph) look no further than the ZERO lineup of sport eBikes. If only I had an extra $16-20 grand!!

Breaking traffic laws that will kill you if you do, is pure stupidity. As I said, I've got 1/2 million street miles on 2 wheels and have never intentionally run a stop sign or traffic light. I leave that to the organ donors.
Ride safe and have fun.
Boots Langley
Hello Rome, thanks for the reply.
It's a federal Law called the ADA: look it up and read what's allowed, and more importantly, what Stores, Public transpo and Public places, etc are "Required" to go to let the Disabled in.
There is a drawing in the ADA pamphlet, that shows an old man on a side by side wheeled Segway. ANY type of mobility devise is allowed by the ADA.
In words to this effect; a Disabled person is allowed to use any "Mobility Devise" to help them live a normal life .
If you aren't disabled, you won't get it.
There's No "Pretending" when you've lost a limb.
That basket will hold a full Trader Joe's Paper Bag of groceries.