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Three months ago I decided it was time to get a e-bike. I was limited to shopping and doing all my research on the Internet being that the closes real e-bike store is 300 hundred miles away. With only $1500 I was not going to get much of a ride, so I started looking at kits. My main reason for getting a e-bike was for the hills. Much research and many decisions later I was $50 to $300 short on anything I wanted and $1500 Canadian is all I had, that's like $1100 American. Then I found Motorino Electric Bikes in Vancouver B.C. Canada. A 48V 500w geared rear wheel conversion kit delivered to my door for $1400. All the parts promised where in the box, something I was worried about, as I had read many comments from unhappy Internet buyers. But I was happy as my build went really smooth and happier after trying it out and being amazed at the power. Three weeks latter and loving every minute when I'm riding. Hills I could hardly make up in 1st gear, now with pas # ebike kit 500 48v.jpg 1 I peddle up in 5th gear I get way more exercise now because I can ride for a lot longer, legs feel good when I get home not like they got run over like before.
Nice report, and a nice kit there too. I also think ebikes make biking a lot more fun. I also ride my regular bike more today than I did before I got an ebike. The feeling of electric power hasn't gotten old for me.
Thanks harryS I don't believe everything I read but I took a chance on this kit and it is everything and more then they said it would be. At half throttle my speedometer says 30 kph and for now that's fast enough for me. Hey can you tell me why my file went to the middle of my text? I know I did something wrong but I'm sure what.