Firmware update


My ST2 took an update yesterday. New feature: now we can unlock the Omni from the Omni keypad instead of only via the app on a phone. Whoohoo!

This is a big deal if you park in places where you can't be assured that you have a data connection for both the bike and the phone. This happened to me a lot in remote places and also across the border in Canada and Mexico.
I've had two ST2 bikes -- first one bought in August of 2015 -- have always been able to unlock via the Omni keypad, so that is not a new feature of the software update.
me too. Maybe he meant after you forget to unlock it and it activates(50% of time for me). Like if you didn't have your phone with you at all.
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There was a recent firmware update pushed in the past week. He's referring to being able to unlock theft mode using the PIN which bypasses the requirement of a smartphone or being within range of decent cellphone service.
I guess theft mode refers to after the theft. Before the theft would be "anti-theft mode". Either way, good to see their omni guys making the system a little better all the time.
Last time my Omni was replaced there is no pin set and I can't use the pad . I can't find where to set the pin either. I assume if I all Stromer this can be set but does anyone know how to do this now?