Fat bike inverted fork possible problem

Old Don

New Member
Hi. My ebike has a no name inverted fork with the valve for air located at the bottom of one of the legs. There also seems to be fluid in the hollow of the leg as well. First time while attempting to add air, I noticed a small bit of fluid had escaped. The bike was not completely flipped over, just laying on it's side. Possibly, i didn't have the shock pump completely secured to the valve as well.
Since then, I have always completely flipped the bike and this seems to solve the leaking problem.
However turning the heavy bike over is a real pain for an old senior like I am.
I'm thinking of getting a new shock pump with a two stage valve attachment , which might prevent any fluid leaking in the procedure with the bike upright.
The shocks are a no name brand and were described as not user serviceable. Someone in another form said that there was no need to flip the bike, but when I asked him to explain, I didn't get a response.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated. thanks, Old Don