Experience Thread: A noobie getting into a specialized vado 5.0 IGH

All good bikes. ;)
simplon silkcarbon tq.

mid drive, belt, rohloff, front suspension, TQ harmonic pin motor, optional range extender battery, less than 40lb. too bad there’s no US distributor!!!


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I tried to come up with a guess and had no clue. Thought that I’d have a guess with a hint and now that I do I’m still struggling.

Going to guess Riese & Muller. SWAG.
Would love a supercharger or an homage. Yum.
The fedex delivery date is a yo-yo. Get it together fedex.

I am a bit torn. Since I didn't know if I would even have a bike, I returned the wahoo roam v2. I only had like 4 rides on it, and it still wasn't a magically good device. However, I *am* putting a varia radar on this bike. Now, I could use ride with gps to pair with it for the time being, but ultimately, I will need a bike computer. As @Stefan Mikes constantly points out, almost anything that isn't a specialized e-bike doesn't have ant+ making a bike computer have quite a bit less value. I guess that's a hint that the bike is not a specialized turbo model. It's not. (sorry @Stefan Mikes )

I genuinely think garmin is the best ecosystem. Garmin's lights are even ant+ and give you control from a garmin edge device. However, the 1040 seems overpriced given my lackluster experience with it. So I am trying to determine if any other garmin is worth it. I am pretty sure I will end up with other ant+/bluetooth stuff on this bike. And garmin supports it all. While others have some gaps.

Anyway, just trying to finalize the accessories. And, I need a new name. I think Goku needs to be retired with the vado. Will see if my son wants to name it again.
Yeah but if someone hit you with his car and take off, do n T you wish you will have the camera, even if it is not the best picture quality, so it give you a chance to find out who hit you… no?