ebikemotion / Mahle X35 battery degrading. DIY cell replacement?


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Hey everyone, newly to the forums. I have a Bianchi eRoad with an ebikemotion X35 system. The battery is starting to degrade, it is a 248wh system but the app reports a maximum capacity of 200wh. Has anyone ever replaced the battery, looks like an expensive swap. Spec has 20 x Panasonic 18650 cells inside, does anyone have experience of a DIY cell replacement to restore the full capacity?

Posted a couple of pics, one of the app showing only 200wh nominal capacity.


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Bring your SOC down to under 10% and then charge it to 100%. Check your the status after its fully loaded
Replacing your cells? I don't recommend it unless you're good with tools, have electrical background, and can dumpo several hundred bucks in tools into a somewhat risky pasttime.
That sounds like a 36V6AH battery, nominal 240WH, Has 20 cells arranged 2x10 You could get Panasonic/Sanyo GA cell for $4.99 each, and build a 36V7.5AH in the same case for 100 bucks, but you need to buy a good spot welder and learn how to use it. You also need to learn how a battery is connected, etc. Soldering is involved too.