Help with Mahle Battery Replacement


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United Kingdom
I have a Wilier Hy Cento E road bike, with Mahle X35, beautiful but after 2 years I have had to replace the battery under warranty. Bike was in a local Wilier dealer (the only one within 100 miles) and they obtained the battery from Mahle but sadly the shop then went very suddenly into administration. Bike was taken to a local store, where the mechanic from the Wilier dealer went to work. They said they could install the new battery. I gave them the instructions from Mahle. Three weeks has elapsed, they obtained the Mahle DCU dongle and they are having trouble updating the new battery with bikes serial number. I am in a no win situation, or so it seems as I am not entirely sure what the mechanic is or is not doing but I wondered if anyone has any advice? I'm at the stage where I am thinking about trying to find a Mahle expert somewhere who can either advise my local store or just take the bike to them. It took Mahle about 4 weeks to send the battery out and the bike has now been out of use for two months.