External battery for Ebikemotion x35/ Speedfun Ghost


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Hi, I'm Katrien from Belgium...my first post on this forum 🙂
I ride almost one year with my Bianchi Aria e-road, with Mahle Ebikemotion x35. I tuned my bike with a speedfun ghost to bring my speed to a higher level (around 30 km/h). Now I want to buy an external battery (Mahle) for longer rides with my friends, but the supplier of the speedfun ghost says on their site that it is not recommended to install battery extenders on e-bikes equipped with Ghost X35 tuning to avoid incompatibility problems. I emailed them and they said that there were a few problems in the past years but they never find self the problem and the solution. Is anyone here familiar with the problem, and more important..with the solution!! There has to be a solution, because I heard from someone that Wilier once had this problem and solved it, but nobody can tell me how :(
The price of an external battery from Mahle is around 600€ so I have to be sure that I'm not destroying my battery.
If someone can help me out here, thanks in advance!
$6500 with a 18650GA – 10S/2P 36V 250W battery. OUCH!
It's just a hub motor and there's likely a hack to add a battery, but it'll be just that. A hack. Nothing special about the motor or battery.
I made a range extender for my Orbea Gain for €120, just a few parts and a little soldering. You can make them for a lot less, but I don’t trust no-name cells etc. An electrical appliance shop could make it for you for very little if you buy the parts. It’s been working faultlessly for 12months. I’m happy without the extra few km/h on the flat from a speedfun dongle as it gives me twice the range. No compatibility issues at all, but if you buy an ‘official’ extender, or even a replacement internal battery, a Mahle approved shop must do a configuration for €30-40.