Ebike trike for paraplegic

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Hi, your reviews are great, im wanting to purchase in Australia, fully electric power trike,?or 4 wheeled quad ebike, simular to recumbert bike ,but not as low as these ,? Maybe the height of my wheelchair which is 700 mm , so it would be easy to transfer from wheelchair to ebike seat,or if available? Use shipping ?ive searched not found any suitable trikes,wanting to have good chair style seating, speed control up to 25kms or more, i do have atm Batec mobility attachment trike, except a speed limiter has been attached? Can anyone tell me how to remove this, so i can get the full speed from my Batec, atm its very slow ,almost walking pace riding up hills, top speed atm is only 10kms per hour, yet its rated & can do 20kms or more , please can i get advise, or if person can change ,remove the speed limiter, ive taken to many ebike repair shops , but they wont help ! im really needing extra speed especially when im ebiking out in bush ,or travelling long distances, its fustrating not to keep up with friends when out riding together, Help!!
There aren't a lot of trike users here, so I'm not sure how soon someone will chime in, but I just wanted to say "hi!" Hopefully your thread title will attract those with knowledge that will be helpful. :)
There aren't a lot of trike users here, so I'm not sure how soon someone will chime in, but I just wanted to say "hi!" Hopefully your thread title will attract those with knowledge that will be helpful. :)
Hi Amy, same here, more riders are into recumbent hand pedal style bike , ive seen 4 wheeled quad style hand pedal riding , the rider is sitting in strange position, wouldnt suit my body, wait for someone to chime
Here's a couple of links for inspiration; http://www.reactiveadaptations.com

The speed is set in the controller, and modified through the buttons on the display. If we knew the motor information and the display panel, there might be a hack available. Secondly, if it has a generic Chinese motor like a Bafang, there are generic controllers and LCD that are open and let you change all the settings.
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Great info,thank you Rich, when i purchased my Batec, no specs manual, just color booklet about Batec,its got no names,codes on the control box,the display panel digtal up down push button arrows ,shows the battery amount , speed level , it has the face cover with the batec design, im guessing these are generic controllers? As i just purchased a new battery , & arrived in a cardboard box with chinese writing printed on outside of box ? I dont have any motor information , only what is on the website, batec mobility,Spain , gosh wish it was easy ,by just flipping a switch for high speed, ? But nah, ive gota try getting this removed, the seller,wont remove it,cos of their crazy rules!
Hello all! My name is Allen Ballard, and I'm the author of a book entitled "Keep on Moving! An Old Fellow's Journey into the World of Rollators, Mobile Scooters, Recumbent Trikes, Adult Trikes, and Electric Trikes" and I wanted to let you know that tomorrow, December 2, at 2:00 p.m, I'll be a guest on a well-known and widely viewed webcast called the "Laidback Bike Report" where I'll be discussing cycling alternatives both for seniors at large and mobility challenged folks in particular. The focus will be on recumbent trikes, and I'll be making some comments on adding e-assist options to them. This program invites viewer participation and some EBR members might specifically be interested and able to make comments on the specific contributions to added mobility that come from using e-assist bikes and trikes. We're trying to explore as many options as possible to keep folks moving and out in the great outdoors. The link for the show is here:
Hi Allen! I started a separate thread for you on this webcast, copy/pasting your content there, but the link didn't come through. Would you go there and share the link?


If you go to the new thread and post, there will be the words "edit" under the text of the post. You can edit that post to add the link if you'd like. AND/OR you can also post in the thread a new message that shares the link. Posting yourself would be a great idea also because it would help people find and converse with you here on the forum. Welcome!
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Hi Amy Yes it is ridiculous but I think I may be able to help!!!
Just found all the info on the Batec Scrambler Speed Limiter on another site by pure fluke

Here's all the info you should need to get you sorted

I am getting my Scrambler very soon so I needed to get it sorted before it arrives Hope it helps

All the info needed is in the attached zip File in Word Files




  • PCB UPPER.Speed Limiter Settings. JPG.jpg
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  • Batec Scrambler Speed Controller Info.zip
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