Ebike Riders - We Need Your Help ($ for your feedback)!

Here's my free answer. I've owned two motorcycles and quit riding 50 years ago because I had too many close calls. It wouldn't be any safer with an electric motorcycle either.
I already have enough ebikes for me, my wife and the dog, but I won't say never to another one. No trikes though,
I was disqualified after the question about my toys; boat, MC, ebikes. I think the survey comes from the motorsports industry, and possibly it's aimed towards people less vested in motorsports. They might want to know if we can be marketed, persuaded to becoming more vested. If we are already vested, we don't need to be persuaded. They are probably looking at market expansion, not status quo. There are a lot of new shoppers and one bike owners on this forum: that's a target market. Not people with multiple ebikes and other toys.