Ebike battery maintenance questions.


I have. New Chinese 72v U004 battery with hopefully LG cells. I’m new to ebike I’ve had one 48v and I think I messed up the battery as it has short life now. What’s The best tips and tricks you all have? Is the Charge to only 80-90% true? Excuse my stupidity but what is the voltage of 80-90? What’s the lowest I can safely go on the battery in terms of volt? Should I wait until almost empty to charge? Or charge every ride? Sorry again for the noob questions but any help would be appreciated.?
What is the average life expectancy of a Chinese made battery like this?
Is it this one from UPP? Reviews on the generic cell version (not LG or Samsung) are pretty unnerving. Strap brackets break off. Packs fail.

I've had mixed results from UPP. Some batteries with quality cells have done well, but I found out one I had purchased with Samsung cells had problems a month after I gave it to my sister, She never told me til 2 years later. I think UPP is one of the more reliable of the chinese sellers, but they still have mediocre QC.

Price a Grin Satiator for an adjustable charger.
You could also buy a wattmeter and place it between the charger.battery, Watch the voltage, and when it's close, shut off charging,