1. S

    Waterproofing my connections

    Wanted any help in ways to waterproof my connections and controller. I’ve read about siliconing the controller and connections After putting on dielectric grease. Liquid tape has been suggested along with electrical tape. There is also ACF50 or corrosion x. I was thinking the liquid tape or...
  2. S

    Ebike battery maintenance questions.

    I have. New Chinese 72v U004 battery with hopefully LG cells. I’m new to ebike I’ve had one 48v and I think I messed up the battery as it has short life now. What’s The best tips and tricks you all have? Is the Charge to only 80-90% true? Excuse my stupidity but what is the voltage of 80-90...
  3. S

    Headed to Victoria, B.C. for a few days, need tips!

    Hello to all in the E Bike Community. This is my first post, and I am glad to have come across this forum! I am a merchant mariner and will be in Victoria for a few days, I have my eBike with me and am looking for suggestions of places/ trails/ routes to ride, things to see and do, etc. Ill...
  4. Blork

    Propella Tips, Tricks, Hacks, Mods, etc.

    I realized the Propella forum has only one thread, and it's dedicated to problems and issues. So this thread is dedicated to tips, tricks, hacks, mods, etc.
  5. Barkme Wolf

    Choosing your first E bike (video)

  6. C

    Recommendations for the most bang for the buck bike under $1,500?

    Hi, I am Chan and I am a new member and active researcher to find an e-bike under and around $1,500. I am 25 and live in suburb in Los Angeles. I go to school that is 10 miles away with some altitude variables. There is one big hill which at the lowest point of the hill is at 150m and highest...