E-Bike Navigation

Just came across this thread after posting a response to a similar thread.

We found a very nice Android application called "BikeComputer Pro" that provides all sorts of data and connectivity.

Here's the other response:
@Jim1348, Get a sense of direction and you won't need this useless toy distraction. I was once in a Vegas parking lot and the taxi driver got lost by using GPS. He had no idea how to get out of a parking lot and go six blocks South. He didn't know which way was what. No situational awareness. That guy couldn't find his own butt using both hands. The Polynesians could navigate to Rapanui and Hawaii without things that go beep because they were aware. Explorers. Not order takers. Do you want to give up your autonomy and privacy to become dependent and beholden?
Unfortunately, as I age my navigational instincts on land are going to hell. I fear it will reach the point where I go to the bathroom at night and can't find my way back to the bedroom. Would a GPS help in this situation?
Don't know yet how this deterioration might have affected my navigation on the water, which used to be pretty good. I do know people who do all their marine navigating with GPS. My first experience with it involved a 2+ mile crossing toward a point that I could see. As I paddled toward that point, the GPS indicated I was getting farther and farther away from it. Obviously a data input error (aka blunder) on my part. I've never used it since.
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