DIY: Fixie eBike?


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So, I'm just spitting out thoughts here, but is it possible to do a fixie ebike with either a rear-hub or mid-drive set up?

I mean it sounds like a great idea to me (minus the no brakes fixie mentality) or even do fake fixie with a 14 speed rear-hub internal shifter? I dunno, just ideas.
I think for the urban-hipsters (non pejorative use of the phrase), it could be welcomed and in time accepted. Flatter terrain, mostly fitter and younger riders. It would have to at least look and work like a real fixie. And I guess with that in mind, aren't you talking about a small self contained front hub? I don't think ebike technology is quite there for it to look and work just right. When the tech is right will fixie's still be in? It's a good question! Certainly there are people in product development conference rooms discussing this and other options for ebikes. The very few fixie riders I know are all about the simplicity and purity, much like the pure MTB riders. A major factor in ebike development seems to be the aging population. People with the disposable income that want to keep enjoying life. I wonder what the average age of an ebike owner is? I would bet a nickel it is over 45, it appears the average age on this forum is over 45. I suppose it's more of a market question more than a technology question.
Even in a 1 X 10 I sometimes skip gears up-shifting (mid drive, backing off pedal pressure to shift), then there is the Stealth Fighter, a 1 X 1 with a schlump drive, so a backwards 2 X 1. The rohloff is beautiful and robust, but I suspect 14 gears is too many on the up shift, unless you can skip gears with it. You have to STOP pedaling to shift with it IIRC. The review of the Optibikes on the 'other' e-bike review site really lowered their stock in my mind, a beautifully crafted child of love, but did that passion blind the team of that which the everday e-bike riders want and can DIY for a grand or two? Of course there are 3 & 8 speed IGH out there, but I've personally damaged the 8 speed affine under human power, so I'm not sure they are ready for 50 or 60 NM. For me the freewheel is as necessary as seatbelts, but simple drive lines and fixie, or track bike styling Q's are already showing up in custom and limited commercial builds (Farraday). Maybe a pair of small diameter hub motors, little 250's with some clever battery hiding would catch on,.. probably somebodies kickstarter WIP (work in progress) right now. Sorry if this was too abstract of off topic. -S