Colors change from green, orange, red to white when pushed

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I'm still trying to figure out the frame buttons on my GainM30. Once I push the button on the frame the light will turn green. It does not stay green but turns to white and will stay white mostly but sometimes will go back to green. If I, then quickly double click the button it will go to orange and then turn white but sometime will go back and show orange. Shouldn't the light stay green, orange or red depending on how much assist I am using at the time? These things happen when I am still having a full charge on the battery. Any help as to what I am doing wrong or what I need to do, if anything, would be greatly appreciated.
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To change the assistance mode you have to press the button twice, it will return to white because you have not yet consumed 25% of the battery, when consuming 25% it will turn green regardless of the assistance mode in which you go, when you reach the 5th % battery drain will turn orange and at 75% red
Thanks, r1roman that is exactly what I needed to know. I looked at the flyer that came with my bike but it didn't show anything about changing back to white after I put the lowest assist on. Now I understand why sometimes when I am in the lowest assist the button would go orange and stay on. It makes complete sense.
Sorry for the late reply but I haven't been back on the forum in some time.