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I have a quick question after spending these last three days riding my new Radrover around Moab, Utah. Any suggestions on cleaning the dust, the dirt, the dried juniper and dried grass bits and pieces off the bike without creating problems with Rad's electronics? Particularly the drive train? I live along the relatively dry Rocky Mountain Front Range, so cleaning my Radrover may become a weekly, if not daily, task.

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I trail ride in NM and it is always dry, dusty, sandy, and windy most of the time. I clean my bike every weekend to help keep it running. I like to use a bike rack and folding chair to help me from having to bend over all the time. Cleaning routine is still a work in progress and still looking for faster and better ways to improve. I don't do what is listed below every single time; but, get to it eventually.

Either car wash soap or Dawn, soft rag, and brush to clean sidewalls and tread. Use the water hose on light spray just to get the soap off. I sometimes flip the bike upside down and take the rear tire off to clean a little better with a rag if muck starts to build in the hard to reach areas. I have to clean the tread to check for goat head thorns afterward (always pick out 5-15 with a box cutter stuck in the tires).

Frame/fender/rack/rack bag:
- clean bucket of warm soapy water and soft rag and wipe everything down. Sometimes use the tire brush if rack bag is really dusty/dirty

Seat/hand grips:
- use clorox wipes in summer heat mostly because of sweat/body oils. Wipe down the down tube also on really hot days.

Front Suspension:
- use can air for fine dust particles, wipe with soapy rag, and use Finish line MAX suspension spray

LCD/controller/wiring harness/rear hub/battery:
- soapy rag and wipe down when on bike stand

- a few times a year I clean the post and post hole with Oranj Peelz on a rag and re-grease

- soapy rag to clean just the brake dust off the components. Don't touch the disk brakes with anything.

- Use a bike stand and cut a 55gal down the sides and spread out to cover the floor under the front and rear tires.
- Spray chain, gears and rear derailleur with White Lightning Easy Clean drivetrain degreaser and let soak (foamy type degreaser). Rotate the chain also to have degreaser cover it entirely.
- Add Oranj Peelz to my Park Tool chain cleaner device and go to town
- Pop the top off the park tool chain cleaner and use the park tool brush to dip in the solution to scrub muck off rear gears and derailleur
- I use Finish Line Citrus bike chain degreaser aerosol to remove cleaner+muck in the hard to reach areas
- Can air to remove the rest of the cleaner from hard to reach areas
- have soapy bucket of water on hand to clean hands and rims/tires of the harsh chemicals when needed
- wipe degreased parts down with a clean shop towel
- use Finish Line Dry bike Lubricant with teflon on chain, gears and derailleur. Teflon goes on wet and it will dry to help reduce dust/sand/dirt accumulation. I tried the Finish Line wax formula and it worked; but, it caused a waxy build up that didn't look very good.
- fold up the 55 gal trash bag with all the muck and drippings and toss in the trash afterwards (zero mess on garage floor)

On a road trip to the Grand Canyon/Sedona, I just took the 55 gal trash bags, Park tool+Oranj Peelz, aerosol degreaser, and Teflon lubricant. Never had to use the stuff because the RR stayed cleaner than I expected during the week long trip.

What the RR looks like after every trail ride. Second picture on a extreme clean and de-thorn day.

Trail ride.jpg rack stand.jpg
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What stand was that again? IIRC< you already posted a link to it, and I lost (!) it. I also remember you saying it had limitations with the weight of the rover?
I did the Bike Hand Pro, Amazon, $90:

I later added the Feedback Sports handlebar flop stop, Amazon, $24. This is a must have with the heavy front tire with a stand. I like the flop stop because I can still rotate the front tire to work on it and it keeps the front steady:

I never had an issue with it not feeling unstable with only two legs. I have to step on the both legs to mount/dis-mount the bikes because the aluminum stand is very light. I can even move the RR while still on the stand around my garage if I need a better angle for light or access to the bike. Because the Radrover is at the max weight limit, you can't raise the arm higher work at standing height. I can see the RR on the stand tipping over if bumped or the clamp not holding at max height. I prefer to sit down when working and the RR is at the perfect height on the stand for me at the lowest setting.

stand.jpg stand III.jpg stand II.jpg
I just use the "shower" function on the hose. I don't flood the bike but I do get it wet. Seriously. It's no different than riding the thing in the rain. Just take care and use a low pressure nozzle to get the water where you want it.

I clean my tires often (I love a clean bike and clean tires). The frame I don't need to clean too much.

I also remove the battery and cover the port with our new 3D printed battery connector covers. Keeps the water out where the battery plugs in :)

batterycaponbikeyellow.jpg vehicleexplination.jpg
Nice job with the custom battery caps. Have you thought about reproducing and selling those to other radrover owners?
Nice job with the custom battery caps. Have you thought about reproducing and selling those to other radrover owners?

EPtrail - We actually did! We started creating/selling these caps last week. They can be bought from our website at

You can also follow us on Facebook for updates and also a place to buy stuff from our online shop!

And also we're soon to release an easy on attachment thumb throttle accessory. Expected to ship July 2017!

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I just added the XPower A-2 Multi use electric blower, Amazon, $50:

I figured I could use it for my computers at work and home, around the house, vehicles, and bikes. Very powerful and helps dry the hard to reach places after a wash (between gears, around brakes, around spokes, derailleur, front shocks, etc...). I even use it to get all the chain cleaner chemicals off the chain, gears, and derailleur. I'm always worried there will be chain cleaner still in the chain preventing the chain oil from getting into the right spot. This blower can really clear that cleaner out before adding your chain oil.


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Water is the enemy of all things that move on a bike, I only wash mine when needed. When I do, I use low pressure, wet it down and let it sit for a minute, use a rag or brush to loosen everything up and then rinse it off.

Water will wick into every gap and "sealed" bearings are not water tight. Leaving it dusty does it no harm.