Chinese Product quality.


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For the last 15 years or so, anything that came from China usually gets stamped as poor or junk, and for some products it stuck. But the last 3 years they have made serious attempts at quality control, even bringing in engineers from parent company's who moved their production to China. In the case of electronics this is especially true, and Ebikes as well, in the hopes of improving product reliability, something sorely lacking over the years.

If a similarity was to be drawn, it would resemble early Japanese products that flooded the U.S markets during the 50s, such as Toyota, which in time produced an automobile that held the highest standards. Granted there are those who refuse to buy products from a Communist country and sweatshop conditions, but with that mindset you could just as well throw out half the products in your home, avoiding the fact that a large percentage of the components are in fact made in China, leaving the moral high ground to sink in the bog.

To be fair with any product, it should be reviewed by consumers with honest opinions, rather than relying on status quo remarks that fit a politically correct stance, we are after all are a global market, with the consumer being the fuel that drives it. I recently bought an ebike with obvious Chinese origins, but with a 5 year guarantee, something I seldom get from western produced products. Time will eventually bring Chinese quality up to par with Japanese standards, as well as improving the living conditions of those who produce the products.