Changing premium folder to KT controller


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Has anybody done a kt controller change these magnum bikes? Any input would be great

talking to a vendor who thinks they may be able to do a plug and play set up, Will post back as I get this done

Think this will be a pretty nice little bike after this
Got a whole list from electro bike world they said should be plug and play, very excited

will keep this up to date
Looks like the total list is $250
did not pay much for the bike so should be worth it

i need to do some serious studying on how to program the kt controller , this all done on the display correct?
They said it would be..?? I am skeptical too but we will see
he said all the wires should match

getting controller, display, pas sensor and throttle

not loving the sondors color display but that is what they said to get, i am not that picky so sure it will be fine

hope to have this stuff here by end of the week and i will pull it apart and let you know how it goes
He ask me if it was 9 or 3 before sending me all the links of what to buy

mine is definitely 9
He did send me a link to a 9 controller...
says it is compatible with 350-500 bafang in the description

hope i like this bike because i kind of thought this KT controller could be used on anything
oh well , sure it will be fine
so quick update, NOT plug and play, think 2 wires will have to be cut and connecters put on, have a couple of people who i can pay to do this but may be a couple of weeks before we can get to it

other thing is this controller is too big to fit in the controller box on the bike, going to try a couple of things but 90% sure it is a no go

have no idea if there are other kt controllers that are smaller that would work..
electroworld said this was their smallest one
may have to buy some extension wires, will see

here are pics just fyi


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Vincent, no surprise here that the battery input wires need to be matched up. That's a pretty common occurrence no matter the source of the new controller. XT60 and XT90 are both commonly used .

I'm curious what the vendor has to say about their "plug and play" claim? If it turns out they were full of BS, I hope you reveal who they are so anyone following is aware of the issue/false claim.

As far as the physical size fitting in to the available space, you don't mention any of your dimensions so it's pretty much impossible to comment. Further, not sure about the 25a controller dimensions. I can share the KT-22a dimensions are 36mm tall, 65mm wide, and 125mm long (maybe the same as what you received? The KT-17a, which is the next size smaller and works well with 500w motors, is 35mm tall, 61mm wide, and only 95mm long.

Wondering how they compare to the controllers you have?

Would there be any way to pack the big new controller into the available space, after leading the larger connectors outside of this enclosure? That's a neat trick/option I learned a while back. Pretty easy to conceal the connectors as compared to hiding the controller. -Al
honestly when they said plug and play i was very skeptical so not too worried about it, was hopeful but knew i had people to do it if needed

lot of conversations with them and not too sure on how i worded things on my end or how firm they were they were on that statement- when initially looking at this did not expect plug and play so that would have just been a nice bonus..
they have been excellent on answering emails/questions even after the sale so would recommend them

any mistakes on not checking fit etc is all my fault

too bad there is not uniformity on the electric stuff but i gave up on that years ago...

they sold me display, magnet ring for pas and a few other things that obviously match that controller so not sure i will try to find a smaller one somewhere else, this is a 25 A??
at this point i am thinking 1-2 wires need to be matched

there is a small piece of metal with screw holes that if i cut that off and remove the kickstand bolt it may fit... will be close

not sure where it will end up if that doesnt work

rv projects and work take precedence the next week or two, hoping to meet a friend on it next weekend
KT controllers and accessories are pretty consistent. If need be, there WILL be a KT-17a with those same connectors available, allowing for the use of the accessories you received.

I am very familiar with "RV projects". I had a 20 year stint running the back end of a pretty good sized RV dealership early in my working career, and more recently as the owner of a 10 year old 38' Holiday Rambler that we used to run all over creation with for several years. Those things pretty much have to be a hobby to be affordable for most people, including me. So glad I had the previous experience on many occasions.... -Al
great to know about the controllers matching up wire wise, maybe i should look into a 17amp for size...
going to do a search right now

i wish all my projects were bike stuff but that never seems to happen lol
Not sure if ASI controllers work on that bike. You should at least give it a try!
ASI controllers are very compact, high-quality, and can handle much higher currents!
Guess I should have checked in with before I bought something! lol

Will do some searches
some quick searches on the ASI looks to be more complicated but did find a thread on endless with an ASI seller named martin and it sounds like they may have to be set up for individual motors but they can do it
anything else i need to change controllers on will keep this in mind

one problem i ran into is this bike has mag wheels and the bafang motor is completed covered , electrobikeworld wanted the numbers off the motor to see if anything could be fine tuned or changed and i did not want to mess with taking the rear wheel off and apart- i have never taken a hub motor wheel off and did not have time to go to one of my shops
paranoid about hurting the motor wires and super busy anyway

did forget to update this on the power of this bike
controller is crap for control/smoothness etc and i tried 3 different times talking to magnum about changing settings on the stock controller, they were great about emailing back and wanted me to call them because they seemed confident i could change settings and get it better, the KT was already on the way and i seriously doubt the stock one can be adjusted enough to make me happy so did not pursue that anymore

i think pas 1 went from wide open to 3/4 power with the changes they sent me... still unusable to me

but did take the bike out stock set up for an hour or so in flagstaff and made it climb big hills everywhere, it did very well even with my heavy butt on it
power wise the bike is ok, i was surprised it was that good
having a little more power never hurts to me so will be happy with bumping it up a little

i am of the school that bigger power fine, is there when you want it and you dont have to use it unless you want to

anyway the goal here is controlled pas not speed or power increase
all the 17A i see are for 250-350 watt motors

mine is a 500

this is what i got
One of the wife's bikes (500w motor) has had a KT-17a in it for a year or so now, and it's fine. It came out prior to the 22a/25a controller so that's what I used.

Here's the math. If we use 50 volts as the average voltage from your 48v battery during the life of a charge, and we have a controller with 17a max available, that leaves us with 850 watts capacity (50x17=850). IMHO, that's actually a pretty good match for a 500 watt motor.

Consider the 25a controller using that same 50v battery, and you have 1250w capacity - for your 500w motor. Overkill? You bet! To get PAS 1 power down where you most likely want it with the 25a controller (75-150 watts or so) you are going to be cutting the available amperage WAY back - so you would never use a lot of that 25a capacity (that you worked so hard to stuff in that bike).

Here's where the rubber hits the road. Either of these 2 controllers will supply plenty of power for the 500w motor. Both are able to supply way more power than the 500 is rated for. IF/WHEN either of these is run at wide open throttle, stuff (motor, controller,wiring) is going to start warming up quickly. Extended wide open, say for more than a couple of minutes, is going to get things hot enough where you may let the smoke of of something. Crossing a busy road, climbing a short hill, catching up with a riding buddy, anything short term like that, you're fine at full power. The 500 is pretty peppy on that kind of power. The deal is though, you WILL have to use your head when it comes to how long you are using max power - no matter which controller you go with.

That's one issue. The second is, is the 17a small enough to be of any help, or is it STILL too big?

Either controller is going to civilize that bike. There's no concern there.... -Al
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All good info, will watch climbing hills for a long time etc

Found a matching battery connector online and ordered that, think that is the only thing we will need , keeping my fingers crossed

Looking at the new controller think it is going to fit, will have to get a different kickstand but this one runs into the pedals so that does not bother me at all, be nice to eliminate that issue