Magnum dealer questions on controllers


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Before I buy this KT controller set up want to make sure that magnum has not resolved these horrible controllers and gotten some decent ones out that I can just swap without having to change displays, cadence sensors, throttles etc.

Anybody with relatively new magnum bikes or any dealers on here can you give some feedback on that, PAS one going 13 miles an hour with power wide open is beyond ridiculous- why have 3,4 and 5 lol

But I’m thinking this bike is at least a couple of years old so it’s possible they have resolved this

If not I want to make sure to tell friends to steer clear of this brand
know in the past I have never liked the magnum bikes because of the controllers I knew there was an 80% chance I would be changing the controller out when I bought the bike
but a lot of the companies seem to have gotten on the ball with that so probably they have also- hopefully

Any feedback is appreciated