CCX Spoke Replacement Instructions/Tips

if you have that problem you need the wheel rebuilt by a wheel smith. it will never be good till its rebuilt. 3 spokes is about the limit before you need to rebuilt from the ground up.
Thats what I’m planning but only have the 2 spokes that came as replacements with the bike. Every place I’ve looked online are out of stock or mid to late august before they can deliver. Also checked with the local ebike repair center and they don’t have the spokes in stock either
a good should should be able to change over to 14 gauge they will make a more durable wheel. my first mid drive either had 10 or 12g cant remember three spokes broken in 600 miles. the e bike shop used washers to be able to use 14gage spokes. if you can get double butted or better triple butted spokes it would make a great wheel.