Camera advice please


United Kingdom
Please read the NEEDS before replying as anything other than what I ask for is pointless

Many thanks

I have GoPro 3+ on my bike for a reason............

They take the EXTENDED life battery packs meaning no battery swapping for two hours. They simply plug in on top of the battery already in the camera.

GoPro Battery BacPac ABPAK-301 see image

Does anyone know of any other cameras, 4k now, that have either long life batteries that are REPLACEABLE not built in or that have a similar system.

Thank you
I am not sure I am getting precisely what you are seeking when you say 'that have either long-life batteries that are REPLACEABLE not built-in or that have a similar system'.

Are you disregarding camera systems that can be powered by an external battery pack? That is, they have a built-in battery (not replaceable), but which can be supplemented by an external battery charging via USB or directly from your drive unit.

Not meaning to be rude, just seeking clarity on what other options you are open to.
If youre referring to not having to swap out the removable battery, the gopros like the hero 8 can be fitted with aftermarket battery covers that allow continous charging, but you have that option on yours