Broken Rear Spoke on Pace 500.3


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I found a broken spoke on the rear wheel of my Aventon Pace 500.3, purchased in June 2023.

The broken spoke is on the drive side. I've written to Aventon and am awaiting a response.

In the meantime, is there anyone who knows the specs for the spoke? I've found conflicting info across the web, and there is no specific info on Aventon's site. I am hoping to find a third party where this size is available off the shelf.

Any help would be appreciated.

Having heard from Aventon, I just ordered two six packs of spokes (one for each side - drive and non drive) for the rear wheel on my Pace 500.3.

I also confirmed with Aventon, that the following specs are correct:
12 guage spokes, 207mm drive side, 208mm non-drive

Can’t wait to get them, fix my bike, and get back on the road.