Prodigy st or aventon pace 500.3


I am 71 hrs old. 6 ft1, 245 lb.
Looking for opinions or other suggestions.

I have a Aventon Aventure that I plan to keep for road, maybe offroad riding. I am interested in a reasonable priced bike ,class 3 bike with a Torque Sensor for a better work out than a cadence sensor.
I know these 2 bikes are not a horse to horse comparison. My area is not very bike friendly or I might consider a higher $ mid drive. It would be nice to try some bikes out before buying. I will be riding this bike frequently on a local Greenway, hauling the bike. most of the time to the greenesy due mostly to traffic.. A lighter bike is a plus too especially compared to my Aventure. I don't need class 3 for the Greenway, but prefer it for the times I ride on the road. I've read a lot about Prodigy batteries falling out, (not good) and prodigy is more expensive, 2 minuses for prodigy.
Mid drive is a plus. Aventon seems to have better lights for the times ridden on the road
I believe the Ride1up has a bigger battery, but the distance you can ride on 1 charge is similar in testing for both bikes.
If you want a better workout on your cadence sensor bike, use a lower assist. With my Ride1Up 700 series, I can set the PAS assist levels to the exact percentage of power that I want. My lowest level is set for 50 watts, which gives me a great workout by just understanding how to use the PAS and always pedaling hard, sometimes in PAS 0. Doesn't matter that it's a cadence sensor. I usually ride over 100 miles on a full charge.

That said, I would get a Prodigy. I'm a member of the Ride1up FB group, and I don't recall anyone mentioning a Prodigy battery falling out. I have read a couple people mention that about the 700 series over the last few years, but I have one, and it has a latch and a bolt lock for the battery, so I don't see how that would be possible to fall out.

Prodigy is on sale right now - not a big savings, $200 on the XC model.
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I have the Aventure.2 with torque sensing. It makes the bike responsive, but there is not much variation between assist levels. ECO is a lot of assist. If the Pace 500.3 is the same, you will not be happy with it for "a better workout".

With a similar goal, I got a Specialized Turbo Tero X. It has a ton of configurability on assist and you can adjust it in 10% increments at any time. You can even set it to maintain a specific heartrate (but I keep forgetting to try it).
I have had two other brand bikes and now have a Prodigy ST. The Prodigy feels and looks superior in so many ways. The high end German motor is so quiet, smooth and gives a natural feeling power delivery that is free of jerking, surges etc. The geometry of the bike just feels right. The bike rides nimble, stable with no shakes rattles or strange noises.
I have a R1U LMTD which has the torque sensor (but hub motor) and I like it. The controller allows setting the number and percent assist of the PAS levels, so you can customize your ride for the workout you desire. I have not ridden the Pace so I can't compare, although they look nice (my nearest LBS carries them).
Rumor is I'm not a spring chicken .I've also had 3 THR replacements in the past. Some issues with a knee occasionally from a old injury. In addition to trying to get in better shape, I'm
trying to build up legs n hip muscles more.,especially after
being laid up from a broken leg recently. I average walking 2 miles a day, most days also.

Back to the bike, for a workout I do ride without assist where I'm able , mostly flat ground,or lower assist level. With no assist a 70 plus lb. bike can be a handful. On a busy road I like class 3 speeds.
I would love to have the Specialized bike, but its over my budget, especially with my riding environment. Other than greenway, I ride on the road. This area has lots of traffic and is not bike friendly. At times I felt safer when I used to ride a motorcycle. The prodigy is beginning to sound more interesting.