Brake Fluid Leak


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First post here. Wife & I have new 2022 Boomerangs. 15 miles and her right hand brake reservoir is leaking fluid. I cleaned it off. In first picture of top of reservoir, I tightened the center screw, which I believe is the fill reservoir. Not sure what the number "5" is. Possibly a torque setting for the T-10. Hopefully not as it was already at 5 and I tightened it to about 10 or so to snug it.

I squeezed handle a few times, no leak I can discern, but need to ride it. The two top end screws are so small I can't tell if they're Hex or Torque screws. Anybody know? The owners manual doesn't have many torque settings. Anybody know where to find a more comprehensive list? Any thoughts at all on the leak? Thanks.


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