Blix 2020 Paka throttle control.

Chip H

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I have had intermittent throttle use since arrival and assembly in October.
I have about 150 miles on the clock currently.
My solution comes from trial and error.
Turn power supply on.
Disconnect and reconnect in 3 spots.
1. throttle wire from the controller, found in wrap from handlebars.
2. two freely available connections below chainwheel.
One screw tight, second rubbered plugs.

Works well, restores throttle, pain in the ass.
Ah update...
Still have an intermittent throttle,
Used toe to lift connectors under chainwheel, suggesting a connector/ wire problem-centered there.
Restored throttle.
The very tight wire bundle when turning bars right is also a follow-up path.
More frustrating investigation.
Resolved, we shall see.
Opened all connectors and sprayed with electronic contact cleaner.
Ta-daaaa .sucess.
Ah still intermittent throttle.
Took throttle off and easily disassembled.
The housing twists apart.
Looked at the solder and wiring, seemed fine.
Re socketed controller. nothing.
Just for giggles, I broke it down again and reversed the Hall detector in its socket.
Re plugged in and had a perfect Red Green moment.
The bike on its center stand took off and went about a hundred feet on its own.

Now I have ordered a $15 replacement throttle and we'll see what that does.
The saga continues.
The new thumb throttle arrived, and of course, it was a male connection, and a female 3 pin is what I required.
Back to E bay for a female, just another $15 from another vendor.
Seriously, I am not going to spend an hour trying to return a low-value item.

The new part looked similar, but the connector was a JUNVU, not a JULET that was fitted to the bicycle.
Neither fits either.

Oookaaay.... I passed the NASA soldering course a hundred years ago, let me change harnesses.
I took apart the throttle and ...why not just switch Hall detectors and try it out.
They are just lightly gummed in.

Success for about 2.5 miles of my 3-mile test route.
My next non-destructive test is to take the perfect working one off my wife's bike and see if that increases reliability.
Then harness transplant.
Substituted my wifes' throttle assembly into my PAKA.
No joy.
put my assembly on hers, works fine.
The problem is elsewhere.

I was of a mind to cut zip ties and track the wiring, now figureing a poor connection elsewhere.
Replacement wire with proper connectors is available.

I focused on the battery to the computer control module,
(as I had not paid any attention to that area. Again bundles are tight.)
and moved those wires a bit.
Successful outcome.
Worked as advertised through my 10 mile test route.
Tomorrow I test reliability.
Trust is a hard thing to come by now.
But throughout all, the PAS never failed.
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After 300 miles, a flat front tire.
Removal and repair of the tube pinhole was quite easy.
No sign of what punctured the tire.

Adjusted the brakes at the perch, cable stretch I assume.
Ran to the Beer store the other day, with the trailer attached.
When running it naked, it sounds like a Little Rascals fire engine.
I put a shipping quilt on the pan to sucessfully deaden the sound.

The bike on a 10 mile run on throttle only, loaded with a 30-pack in the trailer,
juiced down to about half charge on a single battery.
No precise measure of distance per charge yet, as I have not taken any consistent runs.