bionx 350 20" wheel vs bionx 500 29" wheel


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I have been riding a Bikefriday with a 350 kit retrofitted and have been thinking about moving it to my Greenspeed Magnum tadpole trike. I would then get a bionx d500 to put on my old Surly Karate Monkey. I am 6'5" and around 240lbs and I am concerned about the difference in torque/power when climbing. Would the extra size in wheel size and power have about the same feel/effect as the smaller wheel with less power? If the trade off is not about equal, then I would be looking for a long distance touring bike solution that was integrated to the bike, like Kalkhoff. I would appreciate input on such bikes that are big enough for me and a load for touring with credit card (no tent or sleeping bag or cook ware). Btw, I love my Bikefriday with the bionx setup. I have put 2000 miles on it since august15, 2015.
Don't worry about the difference in wheel size, @celticbill , BionX has the motor controller programmed to match the wheel size. Owning one of the 350 systems myself and building and test riding the D 500 for some of my customers, I wish the D 500 was available in the 24" wheel size! It really is much more powerful.