Haibike Radius Tour 200-ish mile review


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Hi folks,
I'm new to the forum,
Sharing some thoughts and questions about the Haibike Radius Tour that I'd shared on another ebike discussion page.

Bought this because:
  1. I love gadgets and I wanted one. This is my 1st ebike.
  2. Been a bicycle commuter for a decade+, but since becoming a parent it's been very streaky. More off bike days than on.
  3. I'm recovering from a nasty knee injury. need some help up hills on a 15 mile round trip commute w kiddo in a Burley trailer.
  4. Wanted to remain a 1-car family, but add a single parent + child urban transport option. Public transit takes twice as long and has awkward scheduling and transfers for my needs.
I wanted:
  1. Mid-drive, but I didn't think I'd get it in my budget.
  2. PAS, throttle was not important to me.
  3. Racks. This is a commuter for me.
  4. (nice to have) Subdued branding, I didn't like the over the top logo and color scheme of other popular affordable options. I generally wear muted, earth tones and shy away from big branding on the clothing i wear also.
As an over-researcher, I actually uncharacteristically chose the Haibike almost on a whim. I was planning to get a budget rear-hub drive raleigh, and then upgrade in a year. But, the shop I went to had the Haibike on a deep sale for $400 more than the raleigh, even though it was easily 1k more worth of components. I made the call to go above budget, and I pulled the trigger the same day as it was the last one they had in stock.
I've only put 200 miles in so far, but here are my early pros, cons, and some questions for the community

  • I wasn't considering folders or compacts, as I'd never ridden either, but I l ove the small size. I can fit this into the back of my hatchback, which will delay the need for me to purchase a bike rack for my car.
  • Though they seem to be common now, the integrated lights are a big win. I ride a motorcycle as well, and I've always prioritized visibility.
  • I love the understated branding, and the matte black look of this bike, it's initially what drew me to ask about it in the shop.
  • The PAS is very intuitive, maybe this is more common now, but the rear hub motor budget bikes I rode felt very 100% on or 100% off. It was hard for me to just flow without thinking about the PAS. The Yamaha system felt like it was reading my mind, I really love it. I have not ridden a Bosch mid-drive system though, maybe its just as good, I couldn't afford any bikes that had it though.
  • Power - 90% of my riding is with a trailer, child and pannier, I can do everything I need to do including him climbs.
  • Quick adjust seat, handlbars, and adjustable stem angle. It would be easy for my SO to ride this bike w the kiddo. A standard frame sized for me would make that impossible. Nice that the expensive bike can be ridden by both adults, not just me.
  • Ebikes are just fun. 😊
  • Would be nice if depressing the brake killed the torque sensor. Didn't think I'd care about this, but I can feel the bike notor working if I'm at a stop with my foot on the pedal in the "waiting for the light" pose. I don't think it hurts the motor, but I've taken to resting that lead foot awkwardly on the crankshaft and motor casing to prevent this.
  • Might just be my lack of previous e-bike experience, but I've unintenionally wheelied from a start before. I guess some would put this in the pros column. lots of torque + small wheels = zoom.
  • Would be nice to have mounting points for frame lock (nitpicky, I know). water bottle holder (I actually want to mount my u lock to it), and also mounting points for a front rack that doesn't turn w the front wheel. I love the accessories you do get w the rear rack and integrated lights, but there wasn't much prioritization on the compact, unique design for more modular additions.
  • How feasable is mounting a framelock on a compact w no mount points?
  • Is seat & seatpost theft a concern? I'm in the PNW where bikes are targeted, and I have QR post, but it's only locked outside 5-7 mins while I drop off and pick up kiddo. I've never had one stolen on a
Thanks y'all!


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Thanks for your input. BTW - I really like my Radius Tour. The only thing that bugs me is the pedal lock with the kick stand - but that's it. Love the Yamaha system. I haven't noticed the brake/torque issue. Will check it out this week. Thx.

Also, I'm just down the road in Salem.
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That's an interesting Haibike you've got there and you're going to love the Yamaha drive system for it's power and economy. To your question about a lock, I purchased an Abus Bordo this past summer for my Haibike Full FatSix. Yes, Haibike is poor in addressing things like threaded frame inserts for water bottles (Court's favorite dig at Haibike) as well as for front or rear racks.

I simply put the Abus lock holder onto my seat post, using nylon tie wraps to secure it in place. I've the bottom of this holder resting upon the seat post clamp to help support the weight of the lock when it's in it's holder. There has been absolutely no issues with it in a few thousand miles of riding. Here are a couple pics in my photo collection of the lock within it's holder. One more note: I believe Abus makes a seat post lock that is used in place of your present quick release seat post clamp. It's worth a check.......


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Thanks for your input. BTW - I really like my Radius Tour. The only thing that bugs me is the pedal lock with the kick stand - but that's it. Love the Yamaha system. I haven't noticed the brake/torque issue. Will check it out this week. Thx.

Also, I'm just down the road in Salem.
Right on! The kickstand blocking the pedals doesn't really bug me, though it's always mentioned in ebr reviews.
Does anybody have any measurements on how long the bike is if you take the front wheel off?

pdx curious what hatchback you can fit that in easily

and is there any possibility that one of those dual kickstand that are more stable would fit on this bike?
Vincent, I happened to be up. My Radius Tour is in my 2016 Subaru Crosstrek now - as it is most of the time - with the front wheel off. I did a rough measurement - 50 inches - laid on its side with the handle bars and pedals folded. I took the front fender off as it's a lot easier getting the wheel off and getting it into the car. With the battery off (and fender and seat) the bike weighs about 41- 42 lbs. It's really not that much of a hassle getting it in and out. Actually I have got it in with the front wheel on, but it's just easier taking it off.

This little character has literally been all over the country in the Crosstrek. I really like this bike. Tried a Tern D8 folder, but found the ride a little too jarring. The Radius Tour much less so.

They don't offer this bike any longer, but there are few left (2018's). If you'd like I can get a more precise measurement and look at the kick stand attachment point.
Thank you so much for doing that! Good to know it fits well in your crosstek, 90% of the time it will be on my car rack but occasionally may need to put it inside a car

i would be interested in putting a dual kickstand on it if they fit, really like those and especially since this one runs into the pedal, such a hassle

good info on the ride vs the tern, for what i want to use it for ride comfort will be important
If you get some pics of the bike in the crosstek that would Be cool, i have a couple of subarus but have a rack on one
Hi Vincent, I have a 2014 Impreza hatch. Very similar to OrTrek's vehicle.
I actually don't take the wheel off of mine to get it in. I turn the handlebar to be aligned w the frame, collapse the pedals, put one side of the back seat down and I'm able to get it in at an angle.

It is tight though.

Thinking about it now I also remove the display and any other handlebar mounted accessories because they can hit the top part of the hatchback when I'm trying to angle it in.

Might not be as easy as I initially described it now that I think about all the steps, lol. But I have done it multiple times.
Lol, thanks for the honest feedback

hopefully I won’t have to do it much but want the ability to get it in a hatchback or car with the rear seat down even if I have to take the front wheel off to do it
Here you go Vincent. Taking the wheel off really does make it easier. I also take the seat, battery and display off in addition to the wheel. I use some foam for protection. The bungees are used only when I'm just around the area to lessen any bouncing. On my long road trips I strap the bike down. Also I insert a clip between the front brake pad when I remove the wheel, that my LBS gave me (they come with the bike when it's shipped).

I note on another thread you're looking at the Evelo's and Tern's. Good choices. No experience with the Evelo, but while I prefer my Radius over the Tern D8 I had, Tern is a top notch brand and I actually like their bikes. I like the igh on the D7i you're looking at, just as I like the igh on the Radius. I'm sure I could have made the D8 a little less jarring.

You are aware that the Radius Tour is no longer available? There are some floating around yet (2018's). This was a $2999 bike that Haibike discounted to $1999.

thanks so much for the picture and info, this was very helpful

working on a deal on a used haibike radius now, will see if it comes through...

if not still sitting on the fence on what I will buy

if one of these had front air suspension I would pick it...
thanks so much for the picture and info, this was very helpful

working on a deal on a used haibike radius now, will see if it comes through...

if not still sitting on the fence on what I will buy

if one of these had front air suspension I would pick it...

The ability to run low PSI can provide some cushion from the tires.
Personally, I only felt the need for front suspension when test riding class 3 bikes.
It is a personal preference though, and I've never owned a bike w suspension, ebike or otherwise, so for me I wasn't really missing anything.
Got a deal on one of these and ordered it, how does everybody like those flip pedals?

this bike does not have those and I’m trying to decide if I should get those or just some wellgo folding pedals
That's great Vincent! New one? It should have the VP F80 "flip" pedals (actually they separate and fold up and down). I like them much better then the Wellgo folding ones I have on my Radmini.

Couple of things:
1. The seat tube is REALLY tight. My LBS and I did some deburring on the down tube + a little grease. Much easier now.
2. The LBS had changed out the hex release to a quick release on the seat tube.
3. My bike came with a chain guard in addition to the flexible tube covering the chain. Maybe Haibike added this.
4. I do like the PW series Yamaha motor. Instant assist basis zero cadence that JayVee referred to above. I usually just start out with no assist or Eco+. I ride this bike basically with no assist, Eco+ or Eco. Very rarely in STD or High unless I'm climbing some long hills which are around here.
5. The tires are 2.15". I like the seat (though some don't) and do not have a suspension seat post.

Let us know your impressions after you've rode it awhile.
Thanks for all the info

Guess I will order those flip pedals tonite

This was a floor model or something, it has some scratches on it I will have to touch up but shows zero miles on it....

I have another yamaha mtn bike with this same motor, thinking on these smaller tires it will be even more peppy

I have a bodyfloat to fit it off my other bike but will probably order another one if they are on sale Friday

Should be here beginning of December so I will post back with my impressions of it
Think it will do well for what I need it for
Where did you get it? Now you have an extra battery also. It is an agile little bike.

Actually I'm thinking about a Yamaha bike - probably a roadie. Just what I need 3 bikes!!!!! Will wait to see what 20's bring and any 19 year end discounts. Have a Yamaha LBS close by - great little shop.

Enjoy the Tour.
Hey guys

got the radius and did a little riding this past weekend, with the bodyfloat on it and like it pretty good
For 10 mile rides here and there it should do good

question on tires
My tubes do not have the removable centers so the shop cannot put slime in them
Since I have to get new tubes considering going with a little bit bigger tire
Shop does not think 2.3 will fit with the fenders but 2.2 might

Any suggestions on bigger, plusher riding tires?
I did put liners in the tires.

The tires you have on now (or should be) are 2.15". But yes, the fenders are close. At least the back one - I don't run the front one.